04/04/2016 11:32 BST | Updated 04/04/2016 11:33 BST

'Bear Right' GPS Instruction Strikes Fear Into Child's Heart

'Hopefully it's a big, but 'nice' bear.'

A boy was brought to tears by a seemingly harmless GPS instruction during a family trip to the zoo.

Austin and his family were on route to Colorado Zoo when the GPS issued the instruction to "bear right".

Austin's sister Abbie passed on the news to her brother who exclaimed: "The bear ran away!"

He quickly became inconsolable as it dawned on him that his seat is on the right hand side of the car. 

Chip Golden

Austin's parents attempted to calm their son down by suggesting they get out of the car to check if there is a bear on the loose, and Austin says hopefully it's a big but 'nice' bear.

However, Abbie is not done teasing her brother yet and chimes in to say: "I think it's a mean bear."

The video was filmed in 2009, but has only just been shared by Austin's dad, Chip Golden.


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