21 Animals Who Are Enjoying The Beast From The East

They don't have to commute to work.

Commuters might be facing major travel disruption after severe snowfall and plummeting temperatures overnight, but not everyone is cursing the winter weather.

People have been sharing photographs of their furry friends across the UK who are making the most of the beast from the east.

So while you’re wondering how you’re going to get home from the office later (check your route before you leave the warm not when you’re waiting on the platform) enjoy these animals in the snow.

St James' Park, London.
St James' Park, London.
St James' Park, London.
Ian Horrocks via Getty Images
Castleside, Co Durham.
Peter Nicholls / Reuters
St James' Park, London.
ANTHONY DEVLIN via Getty Images
Denby Dale, northern England.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images
Penzance, England.