The Biggest Beauty Trends In Different Regions Of The UK, According To Amazon

One area of the UK can't get enough men's anti-shine powder.

Turns out we’re not all united when it comes to our beauty choices, there are big differences in the products we hanker after depending on where we live.

The Amazon Christmas Store has compiled a list of the biggest grooming trends per region in the UK.

This line-up reveals how the nation beautifies itself in time for the Christmas season.

Bristol: Vegan mascara.

Bristol was voted the eco capital of Europe in 2015 and has managed to retain its title since.

Thus it’s not surprising that the most popular item for this region is a vegan beauty product.

Gaya mascara

Cardiff: Natural clear mascara and eyebrow styling gel.

Cardiff dwellers prefer a more natural aesthetic, choosing natural clear mascara and eyebrow gel to lengthen and strengthen for ultimate batting power.

Natural lashes

Edinburgh: Coffin nails, Indian healing clay and mermaid glitter

Our friends up north like to stand out, with Coffin nails, Indian healing clay and mermaid glitter.

Elegant touch
Aztec Secret
Mermaid glitter

Glasgow: Men’s anti-shine powder.

Men’s anti-shine powder has gone up in sales by 300% in this area, according to Amazon, so you can expect your Glaswegian friends to be looking wonderfully matte in festive photos.


Liverpool: Self-tanning mousse and tansie.

Liverpudlians like to look nice and tanned so their products of choice are self-tanning mousse and a post-tan protective onesie.

St Moritz

London: Men’s sea salt spray and Korres party survival kit

Its not surprising that styling spray made it somewhere on this list.

This Men’s sea salt spray is an apt staple for style-conscious men.

And with a calendar of endless events, seems Londoners don’t want to take their chances with their beauty habits so tend to opt for the Korres Party Survival Kit.

Murdock London

Manchester: Men’s caffeine shampoo and facial hair colour.

Mancunian males like to show off their manes after pampering with caffeine shampoo and touching up using moustache and beard facial hair colour. Who doesn’t?

Man Cave
Jus for Men

Newcastle: Pressed powder.

Pressed powder is Newcastle’s most popular beauty item and, in our humble opinion, should be nationwide.

Talk about beat face all day, err’day.


Nottingham: Conditioning foam perm.

According to Amazon, the 80s look is set to make a huge comeback in 2018 after it was seen heavily featured on catwalks during London Fashion Week.

Kudos to Nottingham for being ahead of the curve and latching on to this fabulous conditioning foam perm.


Oxford: Cream foundation contour palette

Those dwelling in the university city are apparently partial to a bit of contour.

Namely, the cream foundation contour palette, which can be found on Amazon.

At £3.36, it’s not surprising this is a go-to product.


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