Microfeathering: Hollywood's New Beauty Trend Explained


Some of us have been growing out our eyebrows for the last six months in the hopes of achieving that ‘full fashion brow’ look. You know, like Delevingne’s?

Had we known the microfeathering trend was on the horizon, we might not have bothered.

So what is micro feathering?

It is a technique in which a row of needles is used to hand-draw tiny ‘hairs’ in each brow. The aim is to mimic the natural shape of your brow in precise detail to achieve a fuller, but natural, look.

The trend is all-the-rage among celebs like Lorde and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Fear not, you too can sample the trend thanks to places like the Dermatography Clinic in London.


Hello Giggles have made the video guide at the top of this article to answer all your questions on the beauty treatment.


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