24/03/2016 21:49 GMT | Updated 24/03/2016 22:00 GMT

Ben Carson Squirms Through Painful Six-Minute Grilling Over His Endorsement Of Racist Donald Trump

'How can you do this?'

How can an African-American endorse racist Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States?

That was the question repeatedly posed to Ben Carson, erstwhile Republican candidate, during an agonizing six-minute interview on 'The View' on Thursday.

Carson’s answer?    

“There is no perfect person.”


“…Trump has a nice family.”


“…His employees like him.”


“…What’s the alternative?”

So no real answer at all.

Whoopi Goldberg, best-known for gassing with Patrick Swayze’s ghost, played inquisitor-in-chief, peppering Carson’s chin with jabs of exasperation: “Sir, I hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with the man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you’re Ben Carson; why would you align yourself with that?”

Cue Carson mumbling for two minutes.

“This guy is, I'm sorry, he's a racist, and he's not good for the country," the actress said, noting his support from white supremacists.

“You're Ben Carson! You're so much better than this," she added. 

Goldberg’s co-host Joy Behar offered her own meaty upper hook, reminding Carson that Trump had called him a child molester. “He's a liar," she said. "Unless you say you're a child molester, then he's a liar. Do you want a liar for the presidency?"

"Tell me a politician who doesn't tell lies," replied Carson meekly.

All the while Trump was sat in a gold chair somewhere fuming. We know this as he tweeted soon after the show: 

Watch the full, painful clip below...