26 Camping Buys To Seriously Up Your Comfort Levels On Your Next Trip

These are the products happy campers swear by to maximise comfort inside – and outside – your tent.
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Few things divide the nation into two camps quite like, well, camping actually.

There are those who hear the c word and immediately associate it with mouldy-smelling tents, a lingering sense of cold and discomfort, and, of course, drinking shitty instant coffee from a metallic-tasting cup.

Admittedly, we’ve all been there. But, camping doesn’t have to be like that. Whisper it, but a camping trip can actually be one of the most relaxing holidays you’ll go on. Just as long as you’ve got the right company and the right kit.

We might not be able to help you with the former, but we’re here to advise on the latter. For starters, it’s best to book a campsite with some of the following features: namely, electric hook-up, hot showers, and of course, wifi. (Believe it or not, having access to these things doesn’t take away from the ‘great outdoors’ experience. It simply allows you to chill out... and get out).

As any happy camper will tell you, comfort is key. So forget those “tiny-tent-in-the-middle-of-a-muddy-field” vibes. Wondering what you need before setting off on your next camping adventure? We’ve put together a guide to our must-haves, as well as those little add-ons that’ll make it a trip you can truly enjoy.

This glorious bell tent
Fancy glamping over camping? Try a bell tent. Not only do they look gorgeous, they’re also super easy to pitch and offer a lot more room than you might think. I have one of these and can vouch for how lovely they are to sleep in. Also great for families.
This super comfy camp bed
A comfortable bed is a game changer for campers and an airbed like this with an electric pump built in is a great option. This air mattress inflates in just three minutes and is ergonomically designed for comfort and a good night’s sleep.
This electric hook-up cable
One thing you don’t want to forget is your electric hook-up cable (if you're camping where there's electricity, that is). This 14m cable is super handy for getting all set up – it’s simple to use and comes with an easy-carry waterproof case.
This electric cooler box
Forget trying to cram your milk and other cold goods into a teeny tiny mini fridge. Instead, opt for a larger electric cooler box. This one comes with plenty of space, including separate areas for storing food and drink.
A super comfy camping pillow
If you're going to get a good night's sleep, you're going to need a comfortable camping pillow. This ultralight, ergonomic design is not only designed with comfort in mind but thanks to its removable and washable cover, it's also nicely family-friendly
This 4-person family tent
Like your own space? This 4-person tent (which comes complete with a good sized living area) is a great buy, as it features separate sleep pods for you and the kids. It's also waterproof and features 'dark zone' bedroom technology to make drifting off (and staying asleep) even easier.
A rechargable night light
Whether you have little ones who are afraid of the dark or you always end up tripping over the guide ropes, a rechargeable LED lamp is a sensible buy. This design features touch control and a range of colour settings, which kids will absolutely love.
This super cosy, wearable blanket
Wearable blankets for the win, whether you spend your evenings sitting around the campfire, or struggle to stay warm at night in your tent. This one is made from super soft and cosy fleece and comes with a handy 'kangaroo' pocket on the front.
An event shelter (if it rains, you'll thank me)
Extend your camping area with a weather-proof event shelter. This design is sturdy and features SPF 50 sun protection, ideal if you have young children to keep out of the sun. A gazebo is also great for relaxing under, should the weather take a more miserable turn.
This portable stove with carry case
Making cooking while you camp easier with this handy portable gas stove. Whether you're fry eggs or making hot dogs, an easy-to-use stove will feel like a godsend.
This easy-to-carry classic picnic blanket
Planning a picnic or two – or want somewhere for your kids to sit and play without getting dirty or wet? A waterproof picnic blanket is a must. This smart twist on a classic picnic blanket design is as easy to roll up as it is to carry around.
A multi-purpose extension lead
Your electric hook-up cable only has so many plug ports, so taking an extension lead (or two) with you is a must. This lead is a great option as it features normal plug points, as well as USB and USB-C ports for easier smart device charging.
This durable camping table
Whether it’s for eating at, playing cards at, or simply relaxing with your favourite tipple, this family-sized camping table is a great buy. This folding design is manufactured from aluminium, making it strong, sturdy and extremely durable.
This chic outdoor rug
Add a sense of luxury to your camping experience by popping an outdoor rug at the entrance to your tent. This geometric design is made from 100% recycled plastic and features a woven Aztec-style design.
This incredible coffee press
If you're someone who loves waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee (I mean, who doesn't) and really can't stand the instant stuff, this is for you. Treat yourself to an AeroPress and brew 'proper' coffee for your camping trip – it'll come home with you, too.
A travel toilet
Not the most glamorous of camping accessories but having your own toilet can make camping far more enjoyable for everyone. Believe us, we speak from experience.
This wine and snack table
Whether you want to add a sense of luxury to your picnics or need somewhere to pop your wine and snacks while you sit around the campfire, this fold out tray is a beauty.
This interlocking storage for inside your tent
Keep everything in your tent in order with space-saving, pop-together storage cube rack. What’s great about these cubes is the fact that they can be put together in whatever shape and size you like, ideal regardless of your tent size and shape.
This cosy sherpa-style throw
This gloriously green sherpa-style throw is perfect for draping across your camp bed for a little added warmth on those colder nights.
These LED fairy lights
This battery-powered copped LED lights are a great addition to the interior of your tent. Hang them across your tent, drape them around your bed, or pop them in a jar for a gorgeous glow.
This collapsible bin
If there’s one thing about camping that can be irritating, it’s mess. That’s why little tools like a clip-together bin can be a total godsend. This compact design is super simple to use and assemble, an even features a space to store extra bin bags.
This super comfy folding bucket chair
You might have camping chairs pegged as the most uncomfortable seats ever, but a bucket chair will change that. (I speak from experience here.) They’re super easy to sink into, while also much sturdier than traditional camping chairs. Sure, they cost a little more but they really are worth it.
This handy larder with integrated sink
For longer trips when you want to keep all your camping supplies tidy, consider a larder. This one even has an integrated sink for washing up and plenty of space to chop and prepare meals for your happy campers, too.
This innovative gas barbecue
This portable gas grill will supercharger your camping meals. It comes with a porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grate and cast aluminium lid and body. With add ons, you can use it at home, too, for everything from smoking foods to pizza-making. Whoop!
This portable fire pit
Whether you want to warm up in front of the fire, toast marshmallows, or cook a meal, a portable firepit is actually a great buy. It might seem a bit lux (or Love Island) but it'll create a low level of smoke, rather than smoking out the entire campsite. Winner!
These solar-powered lights
Light up your camping spot by stringing up solar lights across the exterior or your tent and under your awning. The glow these lights give is glorious, adding a wonderful sense of cosiness to your camp.

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