12 Perfect Products To Help Rid Your Home Of Dirt And Mess After Christmas

Psst, these are the buys you need to bring the Christmas chaos back down to a minimum.
All the essentials you need to keep the Christmas mess at bay!
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All the essentials you need to keep the Christmas mess at bay!

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What is it about Christmas and mess? Eugh. I don’t know about you, but it always turns my house into what I can only describe as a festive bomb site (if that doesn’t sound like a contradiction in terms).

Mess clutters every surface. The floors are coated in stray sellotape and wrapping paper shreds. And you’ll find sticky Quality Street fingerprints absolutely everywhere.

So, this year, in a bid to beat the chaos and keep the house looking semi respectable, I’ve done some digging and found out what the go-to products are that the people who’s houses remain clean all Christmas long can recommend.

This miracle cleaning paste that can be used for anything
This all-natural cleaning paste is cuts through grease, grime and dirt, making it ideal for ovens. For that post Christmas dinner oven clean, you'll thank yourself for buying this raspberry-scented paste because it's just so easy to use.
This best-selling mini vac
For quickly and easily clearing up all those mini messes (mince pie crumbs, we're looking at you), this handheld mini hoover works like a dream.
Keep your fridge pong free with this deodouriser
It's probably all that cheese, but for one reason or another fridges always seem to have a bit of a whiffy scent at Christmas, don't they? Pop this cute deodouriser in your fridge to keep the smell at bay.
This winter cleaning bundle set from Zoflora?
Made up of winter spice cleaning spray, antibacterial wet wipes, and a delicately scented, no-wipe aerosol spray, this bundle is ideal for keeping the house clean after Christmas and beyond.
This Shark pet vacuum
For whizzing around the floors and getting rid of debris, this Shark vac works like a dream. It might be a high ticket buy but boy is it worth it. Featuring anti-hair wrap technology, this handy hoover will quickly remove mess, leaving your floors clean and wrapping paper free.
This ultra useful Scrub Daddy sponge
Whatever surface you're cleaning, this super diverse cleaning sponge is sure to come in handy. I use mine for everything, from cleaning the hob after cooking to wiping down the table.
These quick and easy window cleaning wipes
For removing those sticky prints from windows and general grime build up, these easy-to-use, streak-free window cleaning wipes are a great buy.
This handy cleaning caddy
Keep all your cleaning items on hand in this grey plastic caddy that boasts plenty of space for everything that you need - from black sacks to cleaning sprays.
This warm cinnamon disinfectant from Zoflora
Whether you’re cleaning the loo or mopping the floors, this warm cinnamon highly concentrated disinfectant from Zoflora will make your home smell wonderfully festive.
This four-piece rubber cleaning set
For keeping your floors clear of debris, this broom and dustpan duo set is ideal. The great thing about rubber bristles is that they’re easy to keep clean, and they also collect a higher percentage of dirt and dust than traditional nylon broom heads.
This vegan disinfectant spray from Astonish
For wiping up those sticky residues – from spilled Buck’s Fizz to sticky, chocolate covered hand prints - this berry scented cleaning spray works like a dream. I have it at home and it smells incredible.
And, how about this Shark steam mop?
For easier, chemical-free cleaning, a steam mop is a great buy. Instead of worrying about paws and little feet walking on freshly washed surfaces cleaned with potentially harmful chemicals, all you need to use this steam cleaner (that kills 99.9% of bacteria) is water.