I'm Vegan And These Are All The Easter Eggs And Chocolate Treats I’d Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or sending to your loved ones, these are the vegan chocolate treats worth checking out this Easter.
PSA: Vegans want Easter treats, too!
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PSA: Vegans want Easter treats, too!

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Since becoming a vegan five years ago, I’ve definitely seen a significant improvement in the amount of dairy-free chocolate alternatives. No longer stuck with simply watching everyone else indulge from the sidelines, there are now absolutely loads of vegan-friendly options for us to tuck into over the Easter weekend.

As someone with a real sweet tooth, I can’t stand any chocolate that’s more than about 70% cocoa — so it’s safe to say that I’ve been left with no choice but to try a lot of dark chocolate alternatives and dairy-free dupes over the years.

From eggs made with oat milk, to dark chocolate bunnies that don’t just taste bitter, here are some of my Easter favourites.

This rich and luxurious chocolate egg will be adored by all dark chocolate lovers
When it comes to dark chocolate, I’m very picky about it not being too rich or bitter. Founded by James Cadbury, it’s hardly surprising that this dark chocolate egg has the perfect balance of sweetness and richness, and passed my extensive testing process with flying colours.
But if you’re after an egg that closely mimics classic milk chocolate, try this one
It’s a well-known fact amongst vegans that dairy-free chocolate made with oat milk is typically the creamiest in taste and texture. So, lovers of classic milk chocolate will be more than pleased with this simple yet smooth and sweet vegan-friendly option.
Swap the lovely Lindt bunnies for these five delicious dairy-free alternatives
It’s always been a tradition for my Nan to buy all the grandkids Lindt bunnies at Easter time, so she was delighted when she found a suitable dairy-free replacement for me when I became vegan. You get five in a pack, which is good, because they’re really moreish!
This creamy oat milk chocolate egg is simple and a generous size
I’ve had this egg before, and loved its creamy texture, and gorgeous chocolate decorations. Plus, weighing in at over 200g, it’s one of the larger vegan eggs on the market.
These plant-based truffles make the perfect seasonal post-lunch treats
Whether you keep it open on the coffee table, or pass it around the dining table after Sunday lunch, this award-winning selection box of truffles will certainly impress your guests — whether they’re vegan or not.
And similarly, this Hotel Chocolat selection box is perfect for passing round
Boasting a selection of fourteen solid and filled caramels, pralines, and fruity ganache chocolates, this iconic Hotel Chocolat H-box is another great option if you’re on the lookout for dairy-free post-dinner chocolates.
If you like your chocolate a little bit tangy, try out this orange flavoured egg
Infused with zesty Brazilian orange oil, this oat milk chocolate egg has impressed both vegans and non-vegans alike with its creamy and delicious texture that so closely mimics traditional chocolate.
When it comes to Creme Eggs, these are the best vegan alternatives I’ve found
Giving up Creme Eggs was hard for me. But licking the gooey fondant centre of these delicious oat milk chocolate eggs helps somewhat fill that void. And I love that you get four in a pack.
As far as I’m concerned, this Easter hamper ticks all my vegan chocolate boxes
My boyfriend bought me an advent calendar from Cocoa Libre for Christmas last year, and it was so delicious that I’m now fully convinced that making vegan chocolate with rice milk makes it so creamy and delicious that it tastes like actual chocolate. So this is my public announcement to him that for Easter I’d genuinely love this box that comes with an Easter Egg, and some vegan milk chocolate chicks and mini eggs.
For a small Easter treat, you can’t go wrong with this salted caramel egg bar
As well as being affordable and delicious, this egg-shaped bar is far easier to post than an actual Easter Egg. Plus, it’s been made with roughly 35% less sugar than most traditional Easter chocolate.
Or even go for this more unusual white chocolate and raspberry flavour
These bars come in three different flavours — but good dairy-free white chocolate can be really hard to find, so this white chocolate and raspberry one has truly caught my attention.
Those with a sweet tooth will love snacking on this salted caramel egg
A delicious blend of creamy single-origin Colombian chocolate, oat milk, and smooth salted caramel, it’s safe to say that this egg has well and truly got me excited. I’ve had an Easter egg from this brand before, and love that the shell is chunky — so you get properly thick chocolate.