Glastonbury 2019: 7 Of The Best Women's Festival Wellies

Keep your feet dry in style.

Festival season is well and truly on the way with Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival, kicking off this week.

As festival goers know, you can never be too prepared for a weekend camping in the elements – weeks of intense rain before a festival can mean a lot of mud and heatwaves can quickly turn to thunderstorms. Ugh.

So prepare yourself for British weather by stocking up on some wellies. We’ve rounded up the best ones from the internet because rubber boots really don’t need to be boring – and if you hurry, many sites do next day delivery so you’ll be sorted just in time.

Original Pride Flatform Boot, Hunter, £80

These rainbow wellies are a new product to celebrate pride month – and they are fabulous. Short wellington boots are the kind of thing your mum would roll her eyes at and tell you they defeat the point of a waterproof boot. But come on, if the water is up to your knees you really need to be swimming.

Sandringham Wellington Boot, Cotswold, £24.99 (was £34.99)

If you want a boot that ticks the functional box then this boots is a classic. Knee-length and with a decorative buckle, they’ve also got the grippy soles you want to keep you upright. An easy choice.

Leopard Wellies, ASOS, £18

Not only do these boots have a leopard print (the best of all the animal prints) but they also have these fun clear soles on them. We want to wear these with a long floral dress and a bum bag. Don’t forget your long socks.

Chelsea Short Boot, Barbour at ASOS, £55

Alexa Chung wore these boots to Glastonbury, what more do you need us to say than that? Pair with a white t-shirt, mom jeans and lots of glitter and your whole festival wardrobe is sorted.

Deck Wellies In Yellow, Seasalt, £39.95

These deck wellies (cute name) are mid-calf length and made out of natural rubber. They have extra thick insoles for added comfort. Not only that but they’ve been made with extra wide calves so you can fit thick socks and not cut off the blood supply to your toes. Bonus! These are also available in a range of prints.

Original Tall Boot, Hunter, £95

These might be more pricey than all the other options but if you’re looking for a classic style boot that will last for years, then these are a good choice. And they’re navy so they’ll go with everything you want to wear.

Silver Glitter Boots, George at ASDA, £11

Glitter. And you’ll get change from a £20. What more do you need to know?

Black Rainbow Side Wellington, Peacocks, £15

June is the month of Pride and what better choice of boots than these for a time when you want to be out, come rain or shine. Although be warned, once the stripe is muddy, it’ll probably be harder to clean than an all-rubber boot.