Try This 5-Minute F45 Workout For Women Who Hate Burpees

Because everybody hates them, right?
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What’s not to love about a full-body workout that combines cardio and strength training for maximum results? We’ll tell you what: the burpees.

Sometimes dubbed “the marmite move”, we’d hazard a guess that more people hate burpees than love them, yet they’re used in so many classes, they can feel hard to avoid.

Not here, though. We asked Reiss Mogilner, trainer at F45 Mill Hill, to provide a fast, full-body workout that’s totally void of our least favourite move.

It’s designed to boost your cardiovascular health and core strength in just five minutes and uses five exercises that you’ll find in F45 classes.

Complete each exercise 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

1. High knees

Jessica King at F45 Mill Hill

This one’s simple: run on the spot whilst lifting your knees up as high as you can.

2. Walk out with press up

Jessica King at F45 Mill Hill

Starting off standing up straight, lean forwards and place your hands on the ground in a similar position to downward dog. Then walk your hands out in front of you, so that you end up in a high plank position. When you are in the high plank position, do one press up, and then walk your hands back towards you and stand back up. Repeat as many times as you can in the allotted time.

3. Jump out and floor tap

Jessica King at F45 Mill Hill

Start with your feet together, and then jump out whilst leaning down and tap the floor in between your legs. Repeat this, alternating arms when tapping the floor until the time is up.

4. Backwards lunges (optional with weights)

Jessica King at F45 Mill Hill

Standing straight with your feet together, lunge backwards alternating legs. Make sure your back remains straight the whole time, rather than leaning towards your front toe, and try to get your lunging knee as close to the ground as you can. For an extra challenge, if you have weights at home, grab two weights and hold one in each hand besides you with your arms straight, so that the weights are close the ground.

5. Bicycle crunches

Jessica King at F45 Mill Hill

Lying on your back, lift your legs up into a tabletop position, and lift your head and neck up off the ground, and place your hands at your temples. Then, as if you are riding a bike, crunch up through your abs to touch your elbow to the opposite knee (eg. your right elbow to your left knee).

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