Beyoncé Bares Baby Henna-Tattooed Baby Bump At 'Push Party' To Celebrate Impending Arrival Of Twins

'Keep on slaying and own it.' đź‘‘

Beyoncé bared her baby bump in a series of gorgeous photos to celebrate the impending arrival of her twins.

The singer, and mum to five-year-old Blue Ivy with her husband Jay Z, shared Instagram snaps from her “push party” (a.k.a baby shower).

At the celebration, Queen Bey dressed her bump with an elaborate henna tattoo and danced to music by the late Nigerian afro beat performer Fela Kuti.

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The soon-to-be mum of twins wore a head wrap, large hoop earrings and an array of bangles in the stunning shots.

She posed to the side to show the size of her bump, as well as sharing photos of her dancing with her husband.

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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

One fan summed up how we feel about the snaps perfectly, commenting: “Beyoncé, I don’t know how you do it, but you are always slaying.

“You are literally a queen, now keep on slaying and own it. #SLAYYYYYYYY #QUEEN.”


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