Big Brother's Jordan And Henry Finally Just Gave Fans The Update They've Been Waiting For

"I cannot stop smiling..."
Jordan and Henry in the Big Brother house last month
Jordan and Henry in the Big Brother house last month
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Big Brother winner Jordan Sangha has issued an update on his relationship status with fellow housemate Henry Southan.

After winning the £100,000 cash prize earlier this month, one question left on every Big Brother fan’s lips was what exactly was going on between the two finalists, who were engaged in a long-standing flirtation during their time on the house.

Towards the end of the series, the pair were often seen kissing, which left many speculating on the true nature of their relationship, although Jordan was often quick to remind everyone that things between them were “platonic”.

However, it would appear this is no longer the case.

On Sunday, Jordan shared an post on his Instagram story which read: “The ‘bf’ term might now be applicable… And I cannot stop smiling.”

A screenshot of Jordan's Instagram post
A screenshot of Jordan's Instagram post
Instagram/Jordan Sangha

Speaking with Metro, Jordan admitted that he was yet to receive his Big Brother cash prize, but is already keen to use some of his winnings on a trip to New York with Henry.

He said: “I haven’t seen the money yet. I trust that it’s coming. But no plans, really. Maybe New York with Henry. Who knows?”

“I want to see him tonight, because Henry has been away in the Cotswolds this weekend, but now he’s coming back to London. I missed him,” he added.

Big Brother will be back for a second series on ITV2 in 2024, with applications now open for next year’s potential housemates.

Before that, though, fans can also expect the celebrity version of the show to make its long-awaited return to our screens, which will air on ITV1 next year.


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