05/12/2017 15:22 GMT

Hair Stylist Paul Desmarre Matches The Drama Of A 'Big Chop' With The Size Of His Scissors

Intimidating but effective

Going for the “big chop” often feels dramatic enough in its own right, but a hair stylist has found an unorthodox method that takes the drama up to another level.

Larisa Love Salon in LA, USA, has a considerable following on Instagram and the likes of Irina Shayk and Ruby Rose have been styled by one of the salon’s most popular stylists, called Paul Desmarre. 

People flock to the salon to get their hair cut - or shall we say chopped - by Desmarre. 

Desmarre has a special trick up his sleeve when it comes to doing great transformations for his clients: giant, ribbon-cutting scissors. 

“I want to give them the best transformation they can,” said Desmarre according to Fox News

While some might hesitate at the thought of parting with their tresses, Desmarre’s method might just be the thing to make it more bearable.

Quick and painless - that’s one way of getting it over and done with.