Biodegradable Glitter: 5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products That Aren't Made From Plastic

So you can shine without hurting the planet

Glitter is increasingly coming under scrutiny for its environmental impact as many conservationists have warned that it is usually made of microplastics - fragments of plastic smaller than five millimetres - which can easily pass through water filtration systems and end up in the ocean where it poses threat to marine wildlife

Dr Trisia Farrelly, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University told The Independent she believes all glitter should be banned and one nursery chain in south England has banned their pupils from using glitter, but almost eight in 10 (78%) nursery workers have said they would not like to see their own nursery ban the substance.

If you also can’t face a festival season without a sprinkling of the sparkly stuff, don’t give up hope just yet - you can look after the fish while looking like a mermaid thanks to biodegradable glitter.

We’ve rounded up five beauty brands who are making your shiny needs more Earth-friendly.


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BioGlitz’s glitter is made from biodegradable film that is Certified Compostable. The glitter is just as holographic as regular PET (plastic) based glitter.

For those who ask - it won’t biodegrade on your shelf only in soil and compost, or waste-water environment. Win, win!

Festival Face

Festival Face was created by a free-spirited mother and daughter team in 2014 who have a love of festivals, body art and freedom of expression

With a love for “festivals, body art and freedom of expression”, Festival Face uses biodegradable glitter made out of renewably sourced raw materials.

Eco Glitter Fun

Face, book, hair and craft glitter can be found at Eco Glitter Fun.

The fun bit (other than the glitter)? You can make your own blend of colours, choose chunky or fine glitter and even buy a Christmas set.

It’s non-toxic, free of heavy metals, approved for cosmetic use as well as adhering to European and American standards whilst being cruelty and vegan free.


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EcoStardust’s glitter is made from non-GMO eucalyptus trees that have been sustainably grown, in addition to being cruelty free and vegan friendly.

What’s more, 10% of the profit from every pot you buy goes to charity.

Time to shine.



This cruelty-free company has been active in attempting to find the best resolution for using glitter in their products.

From using synthetic mica to make sure your baths don’t leave a negative mark on the environment to constantly revising and checking the ingredients within their glitter products to fit Lush’s ethos, here’s the gold you’re going to need to renact Cleopatra in your every day.

The Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh bar is for the days you do not want to bathe in glitter but coat your lips in it.


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