Bisexual Women Tell Us Everything You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

What do they think of people who call them 'greedy'?

There are some questions that we all want to know the answer to, but when it comes to someone's sexuality, it's not often appropriate to ask.

We thought we'd end this dilemma by asking women who identify as bisexual to speak frankly about some of the questions you might want to ask them.

From "Do you prefer having sex with a man or a woman?" to "How do you feel when you get called 'greedy'?" they shared their thoughts with The Huffington Post UK in the video above.

The Huffington Post UK

Mikyla Smith, Teddie Oates and Charlotte Dingle all participated in the video and Mikyla even threw in some extra answers for good measure.

What would you say to people who say that if you end up with one partner, you won't be bisexual any more?

"That the relationship that you're in has no bearing on your sense of self or identity (at least in my opinion it shouldn't!).

"Being in a committed relationship with a person doesn't negate the love I've felt for another in the past or impact on the experiences that I may have with anyone else in the future.

"That's the very nature of bisexual, queer, pansexual etc. identities. You don't stop being who you are because you happen to be with someone. One doesn't have anything to do with the other."

How would you define being bisexual?

"This is a really tough question because it means many things to different people. I define my own sexuality as an ability to be sexually attracted to,or to fall in love with, a person regardless of gender identity.

"This is a broader definition than the word generally covers - but this is more suitable to me - that's why I often define as queer which tends to be understood in a less rigid way."

"Not in my experience but I wouldn't put up with that in my relationship. I think also as I'm upfront about it when I meet people, there's no surprises later on."

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