Among the dance crazes and lip-sync memes, I finally found a place where it was okay owning your identity, and a place where I didn’t need to police my own feelings.
Janet Hardy is co-Author of The Ethical Slut, a book about open and polyamorous relationships that has sold over 250,000 copies. In this video Hardy gives a brief “good rule of thumb” to follow if you are thinking about non monogamous relationships.
Pride can feel like a contest of who can display their identity in the most obvious way. But I’ve learned I don’t owe anyone some arbitrary concept of what my gender should look like.
Thousands of gay and bi men can’t donate to save lives like my Grandad's donor did. So I'm asking men to pledge a pint of blood in protest, writes Ethan Spibey
French minister Marlène Schiappa identified in a recent interview as 'sapiosexual' – but what does it mean?
People should be allowed to figure themselves out and should only put a label on their sexuality if they actually find one they feel represents them, writes Lewis Oakley.
I'm 25, single, and have never had sex. It's just never happened and I'm not sure it ever will.
"I wish people knew that it’s not just bisexual with a different name, that it’s a whole other sexuality on its own."
"You can’t ever say never, because you don’t know what is around the corner."
Be sure to ask your partner what this label means to them, as 'bisexual' is an umbrella term for variety of bi-spectrum identities.