Here’s what this generation is saying behind closed doors, according to therapists.
"'Dad needs an STD check,' I said to my brother, our father’s health care proxy, worried about Dad’s health, given his propensity and condition."
"It was about allowing yourself to accept pleasure and feel sexual without any of the body image/performative/goal-oriented pressures of a lot of hetero sex."
"I like boys and girls leave me alone about it please literally who cares."
"The allegation that I had been somehow inappropriate, the implication that I might be harming my son in some way... hit me in an emotional place."
"The more often it didn’t happen, the less I felt like trying, and the worse our relationship got."
"I didn’t expect submission to heal me, but it has."
"As much as I hoped my students would learn from me throughout the semester, I ended up learning even more from them."
"The first time I had to say the word 'penis' out loud in the recording booth, I laughed. I giggled like a teenager in sex ed class."