French minister Marlène Schiappa identified in a recent interview as 'sapiosexual' – but what does it mean?
People should be allowed to figure themselves out and should only put a label on their sexuality if they actually find one they feel represents them, writes Lewis Oakley.
I'm 25, single, and have never had sex. It's just never happened and I'm not sure it ever will.
"I wish people knew that it’s not just bisexual with a different name, that it’s a whole other sexuality on its own."
"You can’t ever say never, because you don’t know what is around the corner."
To have my sexual capacity questioned during a gynaecological exam strikes at the heart of how poorly equipped even the “professionals” are when it comes to seeing women with disabilities reach their full potential
I’ve been harassed in bars and at festivals, chased through streets and heard every homophobic word under the sun - but the violence I’ve experienced is by no means unique
How many famous or influential bisexual men can you name?