31/05/2017 16:20 BST

The 'Black Hair Challenge' Has Taken Off On Twitter, And It's A Source Of Endless Style Inspiration

Inspirational 🙌

Only last month Michelle Obama unknowingly granted a long-standing wish of many of her fans by rocking her natural hair while on holiday. 

Obama is currently a fan of soft waves, but she has mixed up her ‘do a far few times over the years, which is why we think the former First Lady would be proud of the latest trending topic on Twitter: the Black Hair Challenge. 

Melanin Mamis - a platform for female empowerment - took to Twitter on Friday 26 May to initiate the challenge.

“Let’s make this a thing. Upload pictures of yourself wearing four different hairstyles and tag #blackhairchallenge,” they wrote. 

And social media users have taken up the task with great success. 

From long braids to short curls and unique hairstyles, men and women have posted photos showing just how amazingly versatile black hair can be. 

Scroll through to see some of our favourites: