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'Black Mirror' Season 4: Episode Guide, Release Date And Trailers, Plus What Charlie Brooker Is Saying About New Series

Perfect for binging on during the 'Crimbo Limbo' period.

It’s been over a year in the making, but the wait for new ‘Black Mirror’ is almost over. 

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’s hit series is back for its fourth run, as six new episodes are primed and ready for release on Netflix. 

After the first two series aired on Channel 4, the streaming service picked up the rights to make 12 brand new episodes, with the first half of those being released in October 2016. 

Nearly 14 months on, fans are finally getting another ‘Black Mirror’ fix, and here is everything we can tell you about the new series...

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'Black Mirror' creators Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker

When is it released?

All six episodes of the new series will be dumped on Netflix from 8am UK time (midnight in the US) on Friday 29 December 2017, giving you something to binge on during the ‘Crimbo Limbo’ days between Christmas and New Year.  

What topics does series four cover?

As with the previous series of ‘Black Mirror’, this one will tackle a range of topics affecting modern society, including fan culture, overprotective parenting and online dating.

What are the episodes about?

While very little is known about each of the episodes given Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are so protective about spoilers, there have been a few teasers in the form of some mini-trailers and the episode titles, which usually provide fans with some clues as to what to expect. 

Episode 1: ‘USS Callister’

It has been described as a “a dark take on ‘Star Trek’” as it follows a space crew.

Episode 2: ‘ArkAngel’

It tells the story of a mother who planted a tracking device on her daughter when she was young. 

Episode 3: ‘Crocodile’

This episode explores how technology could use memory in order to solve crimes.

Episode 4: ‘Hang The DJ’

This episode takes a look at modern dating, with a futuristic app similar to Tinder. 

Episode 5: ‘Metalhead’

Arguably the most anticipated of the series, which is in black and white and sees Maxine Peake face off against a dog. 

Episode 6: ‘Black Museum’

Charlie and Annabel have compared it to “a Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episode”, suggesting there may be many short segments contained in one instalment, like the previous ‘White Christmas’ episode. 

Of course, as each episode of ‘Black Mirror’ is a stand-alone story with no narrative arc over the series, these episodes can be watched in any order you so wish. 

Who is in it?

Each of the six episodes will have a female protagonist, with Andrea Riseborough (’Crocodile), Cristin Milotti (‘USS Callister’), Brenna Harding (‘Ark Angel’), Maxine Peak (‘Metalhead’), Georgina Campbell (‘Hang The DJ’) and Letitia Wright (‘Black Museum’) all taking the lead. 

There will also be appearances from Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons and ‘Peaky Blinders’ star Joe Cole.

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Maxine Peake takes the lead in 'Metalhead'

Who is directing it?

Jodie Foster, David Slade, Toby Haynes, Tim Van Patten, Colm McCarthy and John Hillcoat are the six directors overseeing the episodes. 

What is Charlie Brooker saying about it?

In an interview with the BBC, the show’s creator and writer gave some hints about what to expect. 

He said: “We’ve got a space epic, a brutal survival horror, a tech noir thriller, we’ve got almost a rom-com - well as close as ‘Black Mirror’ gets to that - and we also have a tree house of horror style sort of three-stories-in-one episode and we’ve got an indie movie with a mother and daughter relationship.”

Is there a full series trailer?

Yes, indeed there is. Prepare to feast your eyes...

How can I watch previous series of ‘Black Mirror’?

Series three is available to stream on Netflix. The first two series aired on Channel 4 and are not currently available to watch online. 

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