BNP Election Broadcast Presented By 'New' Leader Adam Walker Doesn't Go Down As Planned

'They used a kitten and a dog in it. But you're still racist, even if you like pets.'

The BNP graced millions of people's TV screens this evening with a party election broadcast ahead of the London local elections.

Viewers were greeted by Adam Walker, the party's "new" leader - elected in July 2014 - talking about everything from animal welfare policies to bringing armed forces personnel home from "foreign conflicts we have nothing to do with".

But many were surprised to see the BNP, who in January were removed from the Electoral Commission's official list of parties, being given an advert after they achieved just 1.3% of the vote in 2012's mayoral election.

Some took contention with its re-branding as a "moderate" party.

(Not everyone was taken in.)

While others failed to be won over by the "fancy CGI news studio" Walker was presenting from.

But one astute user didn't feel GLA member-hopeful David Furness' thumbs up was as genuine as it looked on-screen.

Although some just weren't happy with the quality of the advert.