14/09/2017 18:45 BST | Updated 14/09/2017 19:18 BST

Tory MP Bob Stewart Claims Teacher Told Pupils Not To Speak To His Son Because His Dad Is A Conservative

Ex-Army Colonel says hassle 'taken to a new level'.

A Conservative MP has spoken of how his teenage son’s teacher told his classmates not to talk to him because his dad is a Tory.

Bob Stewart, who was an Army Colonel before entering politics, was speaking during a debate on abuse faced by MPs when he made the astonishing claim. 

The MP for Beckenham in south London told the House of Commons that it was not just politicians who were victims of abuse, but their families as well.

He said: 

“All my four children have been hassled by other kids in their local schools because of the job of their father.

“There is little that can be done about that because they are children and my kids are robust enough to withstand it.

“But such behaviour is taken to a new level when, during the last election, a teacher tells the class of my 13 year-old boy that nobody should talk to him because he is the son of a Conservative MP.”

In response, Home Office minister said the revelation was “deeply troubling”, adding: “It is most disappointing to hear of somebody in such a powerful and influential position letting themselves down and letting their profession down.”

The unnamed school at the centre of the allegation told MailOnline it was “clearly very concerned” about the statement but that it had “no record of any complaint of this nature” from the MP or his family.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Cat Smith condemned George Osborne for reportedly saying he wants Theresa May “chopped up in bags in my freezer”.

“He has previously compared the Prime Minister to being a ’dead woman walking,” the Labour shadow deputy Commons leader said.

“The reason I raised it is because violence against women is a genuine problem in this country - two women a week are killed by their partner or former partners.”