04/08/2017 11:05 BST | Updated 04/08/2017 14:27 BST

Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Should Be In Prison For Brexit 'Lies', Says Lord Sugar

Apprentice star says Theresa May would have been 'fired' on his show.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be thrown in prison for the “lies” told during the EU referendum, Lord Sugar has said.

The independent peer, who quit the Labour Party in 2015, said today he would be willing to serve as Theresa May’s Brexit negotiator.

Asked by BBC Radio 5′s Emma Barnnett whether the foreign secretary and environment secretary should be in jail for promising more money for the NHS while campaigning to Leave the EU, Lord Sugar said: “Absolutely. 100% absolutely.

“I mean, absolutely. Or at least they should have a criminal record.”

He added: “I promise you in five years time – three or four years time – people will be kicking themselves for leaving the European Union. ”

Chris J Ratcliffe via Getty Images

The Apprentice star said May’s election campaign was so bad “she would have got fired” had it been a task on his show. 

And he said the prime minister’s Brexit negotiating team could not be trusted.

“Not because they are bad people, but because they are not business people.  They are not negotiators, they are politicians. That’s all they are,” he said.

“What have they ever done the whole of their lives other than be politicians?  I mean you need to have the right people doing the job.”

Asked if he would take on the job of negotiating the UK’s exit form the EU, Lord Sugar said: 

“I might do, but I think that the government doesn’t recognise that people like me have great negotiating powers and – you know – but, having said that of course, we are not talking about negotiating for beans here or eggs or apples – you know – it’s complex.”

“There’s complexities in it and you have to understand the detail.  And before being able to negotiate for something, you need to know all the details.”