Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, Misspells Colombia In Nobel Peace Prize Tweet

No one is trying to secure peace in 'Columbia'.
<strong>Boris Johnson's tweet was swiftly deleted</strong>
Boris Johnson's tweet was swiftly deleted
Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

Boris Johnson has tweeted his congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos and praised his drive to “end conflict and secure peace in Columbia”.

The problem is that Columbia is a record label or an American university. It is not Colombia, the South American country Santos is president of and whose civil war he has been working to end.

According to Tweets MPs Delete, Johnson’s mistake was there for 18 minutes before it was deleted.

<strong>The deleted tweet</strong>
The deleted tweet

People pointed out that neither the record label Columbia or Columbia University were relevant to Santos’ efforts to secure peace in Colombia.

Later Johnson, or more likely, someone tweeting on his behalf, sent out the tweet again, this time with the country’s name spelled correctly.

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