24/11/2020 16:11 GMT | Updated 24/11/2020 16:13 GMT

Piers Morgan Debuts Less-Than-Flattering Boris Johnson Impression As He Tears Into PM Once Again

The Good Morning Britain presenter shared his thoughts the day after Johnson's latest press conference.

Piers Morgan has once again hit out at Boris Johnson, following the prime minister’s latest press conference about plans for lockdown restrictions to be eased in the lead-up to Christmas.

On Monday night, Johnson addressed the nation, but Piers revealed he was less than impressed when he reflected on the speech during the following day’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

“[Johnson] came out with so many ridiculous metaphors again,” Piers fumed.

“Funnily enough, when it comes out of [Jonathan] Van-Tam’s mouth, when he does his metaphors, you listen to it. When it comes out of jolly hockey sticks, you just think ‘oh speak normally’.”

Imitating Johnson – who previously said, “tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season to be jolly careful” – Piers grunted: “Jolly. Season to be jolly. Jolly but not too jolly. Careful.” 

Piers speaking to Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain

“Shut up,” Piers then said, before turning his attentions to the technical difficulties the PM appeared to experience during his national address.

He added: “There was a moment yesterday when Boris got cut off.

“I don’t want to be constantly bashing him… but he constantly does stuff that deserves being bashed.”

Boris Johnson during his most recent address

In recent times, Piers has made no secret of his disappointment at the way Boris Johnson has navigated the Covid-19 crisis, previously lambasting him for “dithering” when it came to England entering a second lockdown.

While the divisive presenter has been severely critical of the current government, he did vote for Johnson in the general election last year, saying he felt that the Conservatives were most likely to deliver on Brexit.

“I voted for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party,” he told LBC. “Not from any great love of either, but because, as I have made clear on Good Morning Britain for the last three years, I was incensed by the failure to honour the result of the referendum.

“I voted to Remain and I would vote to Remain again. I’m not a great fan of Brexit. However, I’m a much bigger fan of democracy. And to me, Boris Johnson was the only major party candidate who was offering to honour democracy and to respect the fact that 17.4million people had voted to leave the European Union.”

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