Boris Johnson Refuses To Say Whether He Would Quit If Fined Over Partygate

The PM said he would not comment until the Metropolitan Police have completed their investigations.
Johnson was in Brussels for talks on the impending threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Johnson was in Brussels for talks on the impending threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
DANIEL LEAL via Getty Images

Boris Johnson has refused to say whether he would resign if he is found to have broken the law by attending Downing Street parties during lockdown.

The prime minister dodged questions when asked about the ongoing scandal at a press conference at the Nato HQ in Brussels.

The Metropolitan Police is currently investigating 12 alleged parties, and may launch a formal probe into another after a new image emerged of Johnson taking part in a Christmas quiz on December 15, 2020, along with two colleagues, champagne and tinsel.

Yesterday the Met also revealed that it would begin contacting more than 50 people who are thought to have attended the alleged gatherings.

Asked by the BBC whether he would resign if he had broken the law, Johnson attempted to duck the question.

“On your point about what’s going on at home, that process must be completed and I’m looking forward to it being completed and that’s the time to say more on that,” he said.

Pressed a second time, Johnson responded: “I understand but we’re going to wait for the process to be completed.”

In the photo published by the Daily Mirror, Johnson can be seen in a room with three people, apparently hosting a virtual quiz with others taking part online.

One person is wearing a Christmas hat, another has purple and pink tinsel draped around their neck, while there is an open bottle of champagne on the table and a half-eaten packet of crisps.

Covid rules in England at the time banned two or more people from different households from mixing indoors.

Johnson was confronted with details of the photo at prime minister’s questions yesterday by Labour MP Fabian Hamilton, who said: “It looks a lot like one of the Christmas parties he told us never happened.”

Johnson replied: “In what he has just said, I’m afraid he is completely in error.”


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