Boris Johnson Signs Off From 'Operation Juddering Climax', And Endorses Zac Goldsmith

'Someone fetch him a kleenex'.

Boris Johnson has signed off his last full day as London Mayor by saying "Operation Juddering Climax is coming to its final shuddering surge".

In the video published on his Twitter feed, Johnson urges people to vote on Thursday for Zac Goldsmith, who is vying to be the Conservative successor as mayor but who is well behind Labour's Sadiq Khan in the polls.

Johnson cited his own achievements as mayor and said: "I hope you think that at least some of the things have been worthwhile."

But the tweet's language 'Operation Juddering Climax', is what trended on Twitter, as people imagined and then shuddered at what that might allude to.

Leading the reactions is chain sex shop Ann Summers, which offered the outgoing mayor and MP a job.

It was suggested the typically bizarre name was a deliberate attempt to distract from other, more damaging issues in the style of Lynton Crosby's so-called 'Dead Cat' strategy in elections.

One person noted Johnson is particularly fond of using the phrase while being questioned by members of the London Assembly.

His previously said his mayoralty would "go on and on like a kind of Beethoven symphony, failing to come to any conspicuous... a crescendo of juddering climaxes".

He also claimed a member's line of questioning was about to come to a "juddering climax" and said negotiations" were about to do the same, all while London Assembly members kept questioning him without batting an eyelid at his phrasing.

So, if they can hear Johnson use the phrase and get over it, there's hope for us all.

Boris Bikes, getting caught on a zip wire and bendy buses aside, Johnson focusses on what he says is the investment in infrastructure and transport in his video, praising the city's "regeneration" in his eight years.

In the video, he says: "I don't think there's ever been such an incredible legacy from the Olympic Games.

"[I don't think] any other Olympic city has ever produced such a physical, concrete regeneration legacy."

Johnson went on to praise the "extraordinary investment" in transport, pointing to Crossrail, adding there had never "been such a period of construction and regeneration".

"I know I was very surprised to be elected and millions around the world were surprised I was elected too," he says.

Johnson's election in 2008 was greeted with shock by many. His lack of executive or ministerial experience and his public persona led him to be dismissed as a clown by his opponents.

But Tim Donovan, BBC London's political editor, pointed out Johnson leaves office amid a housing crisis in the capital with soaring prices to rent and buy forcing many out of London.

"Mr Johnson can claim that numerically he built more affordable homes than Mr Livingstone. But 'affordability' is now more loosely defined," Donovan wrote.

And once the money injected by Gordon Brown's government ran out, the trajectory was downwards: 55,000 affordable homes in Johnson's first term; 45,000 in his second.

The Night Tube, one of the most-anticipated changes to London's transport network, was delayed amid a standoff with the union over their members' new terms and conditions.

It will start in September under his successor, a year after it was meant to.

The accomplishments he claims have done nothing to convince his opponents he is up to any more powerful job in government.

In The Evening Standard, Tony Blair's former deputy John Prescott said simply: "He's a clown."

Boris Johnson has given everyone a laugh during his time as Mayor of London - sometimes unwittingly.
Clive Brunskill via Getty Images
He's been keen to ensure the Olympic legacy isn't forgotten...
WPA Pool via Getty Images
...and was happy to enlist the help of sporting stars along the way.
LEON NEAL via Getty Images
In fact, he refused to let anyone get in his way.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
Even children.
Chris Harris/The Times/PA Archive
He made sure to test out plenty of the Olympic Park's facilities for himself.
POOL New / Reuters
He was certainly never caught lying down on the job.
Lauren Hurley/PA Archive
Honestly, you'd never know he wasn't a pro.
Carl Court via Getty Images
Total pro.
PUNIT PARANJPE via Getty Images
100% absolute pro.
Matthew Horwood via Getty Images
He's got his priorities straight.
Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images
He brought cycling superhighways to the capital - even if not everyone was pleased about it.
David M. Benett via Getty Images
In fact, he'll bring cycling into just about anything. Even a red carpet event.
Luke MacGregor / Reuters
His boss always knows he's got his back (apart from on the teeny tiny issue of the EU referendum).
Sean Dempsey/PA Archive
He's been insistent that the Emirates Air Line won't get terminated.
Joe Giddens/PA Archive
He knows Londoners are built of strong stuff.
Joe Giddens/PA Archive
He's done his bit for housing.
Frank Augstein/PA Wire
As well doing plenty of useful research.
Peter Nicholls / Reuters
He's proved he's a natural at getting down with the kids.
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
And is definitely known for his poise and elegance.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
He knows exactly how to dress for his surroundings.
AFP via Getty Images
Always looking like an absolute natural.
Steve Parsons/PA Archive
He's proved he's a natural with children.
Yui Mok/PA Archive
And animals.
Lewis Whyld/PA Archive
Oh and fish.
Fiona Hanson/PA Archive
He managed to finally get Tube drivers to accept a Night Tube deal - although admittedly lost some support along the way.
No doubt there must have been times when he considered a quick getaway.
John Stillwell/PA Archive
But he proved to be a man of many talents.
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images
He's never been afraid to break the rules.
Barcroft Media via Getty Images
A Mayor to be proud of.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 01: Mayor of London Boris Johnson after he gets stuck on a zip-line during BT London Live in Victoria Park on August 01, 2012 in London, England. London Mayor Boris Johnson has proved he is ready to put his body on the line for a successful 2012 Olympics - but he might have gone too far in his latest stunt after getting stuck on a zip-line in Victoria Park. Mr Johnson was a guest at a BT London Live event at the east London park, where visitors can watch the Games action on a big screen or try their hand at a range of Olympic sports. But the mayor quickly became a major talking point on Twitter after pictures taken by people at the park surfaced of him dangling awkwardly from the wire, while brandishing a couple of Union flags. Several pictures showed Mr Johnson hanging from a harness wearing a blue helmet while waving the flags, although it is uncertain whether he was intending to stop where he did - or if it was a true zip-line malfunction. Earlier this week a poll of Conservative voters suggested the mayor was their top choice to succeed David Cameron as prime minister. He has so far enjoyed a high-profile Games, kicked off by addressing 60,000 people in Hyde Park on the day of the opening ceremony by taunting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney over his comments apparently doubting London's readiness to host. PHOTOGRAPH BY Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W

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