12/10/2017 17:01 BST

Boy Unable To Move As He Breaks Down With Emotion When His Soldier Dad Returns Home

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A young boy was so completely overcome with emotion when he saw his father for the first time in six months, he became stuck to the spot.

Sean Gavagan's dad Ian is a soldier who had been away on a UN peacekeeping mission on the Israel-Syria border. The pair were finally reunited on 5 October.

And it all proved a bit much. 

Filmed by reporter Stephanie Grogan at the Casement Aerodrome military base in Dublin (the only airfield of the Irish Air Corps in the Republic), Sean is seen in the background, doubled over. 

Sean is so overcome with tears he can’t quite find the energy to move to join in the group hug with his mother, Maria, and his older sister.

In the end, he has to be coerced along by one of his father’s friends.

Gavagan had been away since March in the Golan Heights, Syria, where he and one hundred other airmen were helping to monitor the ceasefire between the Israel and Syria, that has been in place since 1974.

And Sean wasn’t the only child waiting to be reunited with his parent, as Padraic Cuddy and his daughter were also pictured with a banner for his wife, Denise Doyle.