Man Named Brett Kavanagh Sparks Support Group For Fellow Unfortunately Named Twitter Users

'Believe me - I feel your pain'.

Life on social media is hard enough, but imagine if you also very-nearly share a name with a notorious public figure.

Step forward Brett Kavanagh, a shop worker from Kentucky, who one can only guess was having a torrid time as Brett Kavanaugh was about to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.

“This is a terrible time to be named Brett Kavanagh,” he tweeted, and promptly went viral, just before the conservative judge, who faced high-profile sexual assault allegations, was nominated to America’s highest court.

The silver lining, however, appeared to be the outpouring of support from other Twitter users who admitted their name was also something of a burden.

Here’s Susan Collins, who shares the name of a Senator from Maine who voted ‘yes’ to Kavanaugh’s nomination.

And someone with the same moniker as Donald Trump’s former lawyer - who turned against the US President - has a novel suggestion.

And there was empathy from a man who appears less than thrilled to be caught in the firing line when a right-wing shock jock does his angry thing.

A similar reply came from someone with a close-enough-to-be-annoying name to Ann Coulter, another favourite media figure on the far right.

And there was some insight from someone with the same name as one of the Trump administration’s first break-out stars.

Ah, and there’s another Mike Pence. But this one is ‘good’, apparently.

The infamous namesake sub-culture stretches well beyond politics.

Though it’s perhaps not as bad for others.

Whether American academic John Lewis, who tolerates Twitter feedback to the retailer’s Christmas advert each, has joined the support group is yet to be confirmed.