Boris Johnson Wants Us To Remember It's Brexit Day But No One Is On Board

"This is like boasting that two years ago you sh*t yourself."

It’s the second anniversary since the UK officially cut ties with the EU, but plenty of people aren’t celebrating.

The prime minister and his cabinet have been promoting the occasion as a landmark success of their government, while trying to dodge further questions about the ongoing partygate scandal.

On Monday, Boris Johnson tweeted that the UK has now “taken back control of our money, our borders and our laws” and is developing “this post-Brexit agenda of freedom”.

Pro-Tory newspapers, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express, have the prime minister’s pledge to “go faster on Brexit freedoms” and blitz outdated EU red take with a new Brexit bill leading their front pages.

However, not everyone is so delighted and have questioned why this news emerged on the day senior civil servant Sue Gray unveils her redacted inquiry into the alleged No.10 parties, even though the UK left the EU two years ago.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former trusted aide, also accused the prime minister of being more interested in Brexit Day than in governing during a scathing weekend interview.

Speaking to New York magazine, Cummings claimed: “I was sitting in No.10 with Boris and the complete fuckwit is just babbling on about, ‘Will Big Ben bong for Brexit on the 31st of January?’

“He goes on and on about this day after day.”

Despite being in the middle of renovations at the time, Big Ben chimed on January 31, 2020, to honour the political occasion.

Two years later and people still don’t want to celebrate – especially as No.10 faces further criticism over its alleged lockdown parties...

So, some pointed out that Brexit has not exactly been a success...

While others pointed out how Brexit appears to be the government’s go to distraction technique...

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