8 Signs You've Reached Peak Brexit on Facebook

Someone save us from the passive aggressiveness.

When did Facebook stop being all cat memes and pictures of people's babies and more like being in the House of Commons?

As much as we hate the endless reel of smug engagement photos, we'd take them back over the Brexit Facebook fallout any day.

We totally get this is the important political debate in our lifetime, but now that our timeline is seeing more political righteousness than Nigel Farage on a Brexit flotilla, it's all getting a little bit tiring.

1. That person who hasn't posted on Facebook since 2007 suddenly remembers they know how to post a status.

2. Your nan starts sharing articles from the Daily Mail and getting in fights with your uncle.

3. That person from school who you KNOW hasn't voted in a single general election (ever) now thinks they're Andrew Marr.

4. 99% of statuses go from being one-line long, to five paragraphs of in-depth political analysis.

5. You'd give anything to see a picture of a pug in a hat.

6. People get so generous with the likes, because it makes them feel politically engaged. But did you vote though?

7. You've been invited to so many political rallies your social life looks more like Jeremy Corbyn's work schedule.

8. Passive aggressive behaviour becomes an art form - people leave sassy "devils advocate" comments while knowing that no one can prove how they actually voted.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

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