24/01/2017 11:54 GMT | Updated 24/01/2017 11:55 GMT

11 Brexiteers Who Have Fundamentally Misunderstood The Supreme Court Brexit Ruling

'We must bring back hanging!'

The Supreme Court has ruled the UK Government must seek the approval of MPs before formally commencing Brexit.

The landmark decision means Parliament will now have the right to debate and vote on invoking Article 50, although Britain is almost still certain to leave the EU due to the overwhelming support of MPs.

As Gina Miller, the lead complainant in the landmark case, said: “This case was about the legal process not the decision.” In other words, this decision doesn’t overturn the Brexit referendum and may not even delay the process of leaving the EU.

That has not stopped a number of Brexiteers misunderstanding the ruling and declaring it is an act of sabotage intended to subvert the will of the people.

Leading the charge was the Daily Express, which claimed the judges had “overturned” the result of the EU referendum, although editors later changed this to “thwart”.

The Express's initial take on the ruling.
Daily Express
And after the paper reasoned the Supreme Court had not in fact 'overturned' the Brexit referendum.

The Daily Mail — edited by Paul Dacre, who earns over £2 million a year —  which branded High Court Judges in the previous ruling “Enemies of the People”, slammed the “elite” and claimed Remain campaigners were “gloating”.

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail's take on the ruling.

Even Iain Duncan Smith appeared confused (again) at what the ruling meant.


Inevitably, many Brexiteers denounced the ruling, which means “MPs we have elected will rightfully have the opportunity to bring their experience and expertise” as nothing more than a heinous bid to derail Brexit.




Some think only Farage can save us.


Others went full-conspiracy.



Over in Britain First land, there was even talk of bringing back hanging.


Alarmingly, quite a few people think the ruling is a step towards civil war.