22/03/2016 12:40 GMT

Britain First Brags About Their Lack Of Support As 30 Members Oppose '10,000 Taitors' At Pro-Refugee March

'Infuriated the unwashed leftists.'

Britain First has claimed an unlikely victory over a pro-refugee march in London which showed just how unpopular their viewsreally are. 

Writing to party supporters on Sunday, Britain First leader Paul Golding said, "despite overwhelming odds", thirty party activists had squared-off against a 10,000-strong crowd on Saturday at the 'Refugees Welcome march. George Galloway, Diana Abbott and Vanessa Redgrave addressed crowds at the event where demonstrators were said to have clashed with police

The event was organised by Stand Up To Racism to mark the UN's Anti-Racism Day, which saw numerous pro-refugee demonstrations held in major cities across Europe, including Paris, Athens and Vienna.

Britain First
Britain First has claimed victory over a pro-refugee march in London despite 'overwhelming odds'

VIDEO: 30 BRITAIN FIRST vs 10,000 TRAITORS!On Saturday, around thirty Britain First activists opposed a 10,000 strong march in London led by the arch race baiter Diane Abbott.Despite the overwhelming odds, our activists stood firm in the face of a barrage of leftwing abuse and violence.The march was organised by the leftwing extremist group, “Unite Against Fascism” which, despite its name, regularly uses fascist bullying tactics to silence opponents of multiculturalism.

Posted by Britain First on Monday, March 21, 2016

Golding said Britain First supporters had faced a "barrage of leftwing abuse and violence" at the event which he said was organised by "leftwing extremist group" Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Golding said despite the group's name, UAF "regularly uses fascist bullying tactics to silence opponents of multiculturalism". 

Britain First supports had, according to Golding, "infuriated the unwashed leftists of the UAF" by hoisting British flags and placards reading 'veterans before migrants' at the event. 

Those supporting the march held banners with slogans such as 'Refugees Welcome: Open the borders, Fight racism and Islamophobia', and 'No to Islamophobia. No to war'. 

Britain First
Around 10,000 pro-refugee supporters attended the rally and some clashed with police

Golding and his deputy, Jayda Fransen, were unable to attend the march as every Saturday they have to sign in at a police station as a requirement of their bail conditions. 

Golding and Fransen are currently facing a charge of wearing a 'political uniform' while hosting their 'Christian Patrol' in Luton in January.

The action allegedly breached an interim injunction Bedfordshire Police previously sought in an attempt to ban them from protesting in the town. 

A further condition of Golding and Fransen's bail is that they can't enter Luton.

The mayor of Tower Hamlets is currently pressuring police to enforce a similar ban in his borough after the far-right group held a series of protests outside the East London Mosque earlier this month.