Britain First Claim Evan Davis Is A Supporter After Selfie With Jayda Fransen And Paul Golding

They're making stuff up. Again.

Evan Davis has been forced to clarify he is not in fact a Britain First supporter after the group tweeted a picture of him posing with their leader.

The BBC Newsnight presenter posed for a selfie with Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen:

But - somewhat unsurprisingly - all was not what it seemed.

Davis quickly set the record straight that he was not, in fact, a Britain First supporter:

A number of people went on to suggest that Davis should report or sue Britain First over the tweet...

Davis is not the first BBC journalist to be snapped posing with a Britain First member.

Nick Robinson was unwittingly pictured posing with Fransenrb at the Rochester by-election in 2014.

Furious social media users even suggested Robinson was a secret supporter of the pseudo-militia organisation - self-described as “a patriotic political party and street defence organisation”.

But Robinson was quick to clarify that he did not realise who he had posed with and told his critics to "grow up".

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