Britain First Just Confronted A Tent

'This is what being in the EU and having open borders is coming to.'

Britain First has confronted a tent.

On a foray near Mansfield the far-right group appear to have taken issue with a homeless woman who had pitched up near a road.

Deputy leader, Jayada Fransen, says: "As we were driving around we noticed something in the bushes.

"We stopped the car to have a look and there is someone living in a tent, just pitched up, belongings everywhere, just on the side of the road.

Britain First leader, Paul Golding, then says: "And she's a migrant?"

Fransen responds: "She's a migrant, yeah."

Britain First has in the past made quite a point about helping the homeless.

Golding then says: "So this is the kind of thing we've got going on in our country during the migrant crisis?"

Fransen responds: "Absolutely, this is the problem. People come here, you can't just pitch up anywhere.

Golding says: "This is what our country is coming to. This is what being in the EU and having open borders is coming to."

One tent.

They then find evidence of another camp in the form of some litter in a bush.

Vote leave people, our roundabouts are ruined.


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