Britain First's London Rally Sees 21 People Turn Up Prompting Mockery

It was billed as Britain First’s big London rally.

Right in the heartland of their main base of support (1% of the Mayoral election vote), the group advertised it to their 1.5 million Facebook “fans” with much fanfare.

Britain First

And the turnout on the day? This...

Around 21 individuals including their regular staff.

Attendees were treated to a speech from deputy leader, Jayda Fransen.

And three rows of reasonably comfortable chairs were provided.

It is not known if there were refreshments.

Reaction to the turnout was generally one of resigned merriment.

<strong>This may or may not be ironic.</strong>
This may or may not be ironic.

The turnout is in keeping with previous meetings. The last, in Cardiff, was attended by a similar number plus leader, Paul Golding’s mum.