Britain First's 'Illegal Immigrant' Video Outside A Tent Rubbished Even Further

'They call themselves a Christian organisation but what they're doing is evil and they're not welcome in Mansfield.'

A Reverend has tracked down the couple accused by Britain First of setting up an "illegal migrant camp" in Mansfield.

Keith Hebden told Mansfield's The Chad newspaper that the pair in question have been living in the area for a number of years, do not receive benefits and are from Latvia and Poland so cannot possibly be "illegal".

The tent was also pitched on private land.

The far-right group released a video of the bizarre encounter over the weekend in which deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, harangues a homeless woman locked in a tent.

She says: "As we were driving around we noticed something in the bushes.

“We stopped the car to have a look and there is someone living in a tent, just pitched up, belongings everywhere, just on the side of the road.

Britain First leader, Paul Golding, then says: “And she’s a migrant?”

Fransen responds: “She’s a migrant, yeah.”

Golding then says: “So this is the kind of thing we’ve got going on in our country during the migrant crisis?”

Fransen responds: “Absolutely, this is the problem. People come here, you can’t just pitch up anywhere.

Golding says: “This is what our country is coming to. This is what being in the EU and having open borders is coming to.”

They then find evidence of another "camp" in the form of some litter in a bush.

The group later chased down the woman's boyfriend with Fransen shouting: "You locked your girlfriend in a tent?

"Why have you come to this country and pitched up illegally? You don't just come to this country and pitch up wherever you like and lock your girlfriend in a tent."

Hebden called the encounter "evil", "profane" and said that "Britain First are not welcome in Mansfield".

He added: "The man has been living here since 2010 and the woman isn't well, he's been looking after her. She asked to be locked in because she was afraid after he was assaulted by a 14-year-old in town last week.

"She felt safer that way, but I advised them that if a spark went on the tent it would go up in seconds so they mustn't lock it from the outside.

"They're not in work so they can't apply for any benefits or housing. You can go to the jobcentre for so long, but they're in a catch-22 situation.

"The woman in the tent isn't taking anything from this the state, she wouldn't be living in a tent if she was, so to go up to her and verbally attack her and then act like she's trying to save her is just rank hypocrisy."

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