Britain First's Cardiff Meeting Prompts Mockery For Tiny Turnout

Paul Golding's mum showed up though.

Britain First held a “meeting of patriots” in Cardiff on Saturday afternoon, featuring speeches from leader Paul Golding, deputy Jayda Fransen and chairman, Lee Cooper.

Despite the far-right group widely publicising the event to their 1.5 million Facebook followers, interest seemed rather muted with only 131 people saying they were going.

Pictures of the event suggest even that figure was optimistic.

Carefully cropped photos of the meeting, none of which give a view of the left-hand side of the room, show just a handful of attendees.

Facebook users were quick to question how successful the meeting was.


One person who was in attendance making up the numbers was Paul Golding’s own mother.


As for the speeches...


Meanwhile, a counter-demonstration attended by around 100 people was held in Cardiff city, reports Wales Online.

Britain First recently lost a High Court battle with Bedfordshire Police which the group had feared could “finish them”.

The injunction bars Britain First’s leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen from entering Luton and any mosque in England and Wales for three years.

A video response shows Golding standing behind a pile of legal documents telling his audience the group was in a “no-win situation”.

Golding and his deputy, Jayda Fransen, are understood to have accepted the terms of the injunction in order to prevent incurring legal costs.

Referring to a similar case brought by the force last year that was eventually thrown out, Golding says: “It seems [Bedfordshire Police] have learnt from their mistakes and this time they have acquired the expert services of a top London legal firm.

“The bad news for us is this would inevitably ramp up the legal costs if we lost.

“When Jayda and I had a sit down to discuss this two-inch thick legal bundle it started to dawn on us what this case has the potential [to do to] our movement.

“I asked our legal representatives for a conservative estimate of what we potentially could be liable for if we fight this all the way and lose, and they said, in all honesty, anywhere between £60,000 and £100,000.”