Britain First 'Isis Hunting T-Shirt' Is The Worst Political Statement Ever

Maybe Isis are hiding in that Sherwood Forest treehouse.

Britain First is known for a lot of things - lying, performing terribly in debates etc etc - but now we can add “making the most ridiculous political statements ever” to the list.

Leader Paul Golding, is currently in a bit of a pickle as he is on bail and has to sign in at a London police station every day after his group’s provocative march in Luton earlier this year.

Undeterred, the head of the far-right CAPS LOCK brigade has decided to make a hard-hitting statement to show just how edgy he really is.

Yes, just NOTE THE T-SHIRT!!!

Let’s take a closer look...



Let’s look at their track record.

They did not find Isis in a treehouse in Sherwood Forest...

They did not find Isis in a tent on a roundabout in Mansfield...

They did not find Isis while eating Pot Noodles on a hill in Wales...

And they certainly didn’t get a good chance to scour the streets of Leicester as they were too busy being chased out of the city...

Regardless, their supporters seemed quite enthusiastic anyway.

There was David plugging an event that didn’t happen.

Susan who thinks MI5 just aren’t up to the job.

And Sue...

Who forgets he has already gone down in history...

And we know what you’re thinking: “WHERE CAN I GET MY OWN ISIS HUNTING CLUB T-SHIRT???!!!”

Well, they’re available for £15.99 from their online shop alongside a whole range of similarly awful stuff.


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