Britain First's Coventry Meeting Was A Damp Squib

Nothing much has changed in 5 years.

Britain First formed in 2011.

In the five years since, the Tories have gone from coalition partners to majority government, the Lib Dems managed to peak spectacularly only to fall into near oblivion, Ukip helped push the UK to Brexit and Labour has seen its membership grow to well over 500,000.

Britain First - aside from keeping recycling plants in business with a multitude of aggressive leafleting campaigns - have managed the remarkable feat of holding events that barely anyone shows up to.

Their latest was a meet-up in Coventry on Saturday to which 3,200 people on Facebook were directly invited and heavily advertised on their page to the 1.5m people who “like” it.

And here’s the turnout...

24 people.

And if you’re thinking: “Well perhaps there were some camera-shy members who didn’t want to be publicly associated with such a far-right group?”

Well perhaps you’re right. But they weren’t there as you can see by these other pictures of the group helpfully titled “COVENTRY MEETING”.

They even made a little album titled “COVENTRY MEETING PHOTOS” presumably just on the off-chance you thought you were watching videos of a far-right game of Sleeping Patriot Lions.

In fairness, it is a slight improvement on their “Britannia Ball” in May last year where 17 people showed up.

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