Britain First's Paul Golding Apologises In Advance For London Mayoral Election Results

"We've spent a lot of our supporter's money but..."

Britain First has given an "important London elections update" ahead of today's results.

Which basically boils down to two points.

  • "We've spent a lot of our supporter's money"
  • "...but we're not going to win."

In the video, leader Paul Golding starts off strong by emphasising how they made it into the elections in the first place.

“We've never done anything on this scale. This election booklet was sent out to 5.8 million people advertising myself and Britain First and what we stand for.”

He then tosses it aside and just after the leaflet can be heard to unceremoniously hitting the ground, he launches into another positive PR drive.

“We put out 50,000 leaflets, 10,000 newspapers, we've had days of action, we've been holding days of operation all across London and literally hundreds of thousands of people in London have been watching our videos.”

Then it all gets a bit negative.

“So we don't know what's going to happen but at this late stage all I would do is urge a little bit of caution.”

Go on Paul...

“You gotta understand that the demographics of London have changed so radically. All of the British people have moved out.”

Quite a bold statement.

Despite 45% of Londoners (3,842,000 people) still being "white British", Golding then attempts to explain why he couldn't get 100,000 of them (the amount roughly needed to elect Jayda Fransen to the GLA) to vote for Britain First.

“Immigrants and Muslims have all moved in. Whole swathes of the city now are completely colonised. And if you look at places like East London now they are all mini Sharia states.”

The awful reality of the Sharia mini state
The awful reality of the Sharia mini state

“British people, native British people are now a minority in London, that's how far the process has gone.”

Then it gets really dark.

“Because of that we don't know what our votes going to be, we're hoping for a decent vote but we think it will be very, very unlikely we will win a seat in the London assembly.”

At this point, if you actually contributed to Britain First it's probably best you look away now.

“All I would say is reign in your expectations, we think it's very unlikely that we'll actually win a seat this first time around.”