11/09/2017 10:59 BST | Updated 11/09/2017 16:12 BST

UK Weather Forecast: Britain To Be Battered By 70mph Winds

But it's nothing to do with the hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Parts of Britain will be buffeted by winds of up to 70mph this week.

Yellow weather alerts are in place from Monday through to Wednesday, with the Met Office warning of travel delays and even loss of power.

Southern Wales and south west England will be affected on Monday morning, with gusts of 60mph expected along coasts, particularly those bordering the Bristol Channel.

Wind speeds could reach 70mph on Tuesday and Wednesday, focusing on the East Midlands, north east England, north west England, Wales and Yorkshire & Humber.

The strongest winds are expected to occur on Tuesday evening and move eastwards overnight. Heavy rain is also forecast and temperatures will be a brisk 18/19C. Flash floods brought several transport services to a halt across Greater Manchester on Monday morning. 

Contrary to some reports in the press, the blast of blustery weather has nothing to do with any of the hurricanes currently active in the Caribbean and US regions.

While it is not uncommon for the remnants of hurricanes to make their way across the Atlantic to the UK, Irma, Katia and Jose are all still active and have no connection to the gales we’re experiencing.

A spokesman for the Met Office told HuffPost UK: “We might get the tail end of these systems but by no means will we experience the energy levels that have affected that part of the world.”