'Britain's Got Talent': Stage Invader Gets Two-Finger Salute From Simon Cowell

'By the way, this is for you...'

A frustrated Simon Cowell was left flipping the bird at a stage invader during Tuesday’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ live show.

Simon and his fellow judges were in the middle of offering their critiques to magic duo Magus Utopia during the live show, when an unseen audience member at the Hammersmith Apollo rushed forward and hit the judges’ buzzers.

<strong>Simon Cowell shortly after the incident</strong>
Simon Cowell shortly after the incident

The camera cut away so the person responsible for hitting the buzzers wasn’t seen, but Simon’s reaction was captured, as he stuck up two fingers at the person responsible.

He also commented, before hitting his own buzzer to show his disapproval: “This is one of those nights. And by the way, this is for you…”

Presenter Declan Donnelly then commented, before cutting to an ad break: “Apologies about our unwanted guest, some people just want to push our buzzers, we can’t help it.”

Simon later remarked that it had been a big night for the show, noting: “We’ve had zombies, we’ve had magicians, we’ve had people pressing our buzzers…”

A representative for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ confirmed to HuffPost UK that after the incident the audience member responsible was “quickly apprehended by security and removed from the building”.

<strong>Declan Donnelly tried to restore some order</strong>
Declan Donnelly tried to restore some order

This wasn’t the first unplanned ‘BGT’ moment of the current live shows to make headlines, after Monday night’s show was plagued with more than 10 minutes’ worth of technical difficulties, which was later blamed on the severe weather conditions in London.

Dec - currently flying solo while regular co-host Ant McPartlin takes a break from work commitments to focus on his recovery - then opened the second live show of the series by mocking the technical woes, commenting there would be “more talent… but hopefully fewer thunderstorms”.

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