07/06/2017 10:24 BST

15 Tweets That Sum Up The Sh**-Show That Is A British Summer

RIP umbrella☔️

Every Brit knows that just because the calendar says June, it doesn’t mean the weather necessarily got the memo.

In  24 hours you can go from scorching sunshine to torrential downpours and then back again (there’s a reason we make full use of the beer garden when the sun appears).

These 15 tweets accurately sum up just how much of a shit-show the British ‘summertime’ really is. 

1. Spending all winter waiting for summer to arrive.

2. Realising it has arrived. 

3. Remembering this is what summer feels like. 

4. Feeling seasonally betrayed. 

5. Continuing to dress for the weather you want, not the weather you’ve got.

6. Knowing that umbrellas are not the answer.

7. Watching tourists think that umbrellas are the answer.

8. Hating yourself for bringing a coat on public transport. 

9. Ensuring you complain loudly about it at any given moment. 

10. Deciding there is only one way to get through this weather. 

11. Resenting the necessary steps that have to be taken. 

12. Wondering why you still haven’t moved to Spain. 

13. Being baffled by how unprepared we always are for rain. 

14. Realising that even the computers can’t deal with this shit. 

15. Accepting your inevitable fate for choosing to live in Britain.