21 Amazon Buys That'll Help Organise Your Absolute Tip Of A Junk Closet

No more fighting to get the ironing board out!
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Blessed with a broom closet? Whether it’s a small space for housing the hoover, or a de-facto utility room with a washing machine and dryer, you’re missing a trick if you’re not making the most of this precious storage space.

But let’s be honest – home of the hoover, mop, a few coats, and anything else that doesn’t have an obvious home, most of us have let our closets, cabinets, or cupboards under the stairs get into a state of absolute chaos.

Need to get the ironing board out? Good luck – it’s right at the back, balancing on a box of Christmas decorations.

Quite frankly, we deserve better than being attacked by a clothes horse as soon as we open the door! So we’ve put together a collection of closet must-haves that’ll help restore order. And best of all, they’re all available on Amazon!

These colourful storage crates
Easy to stack and carry, these plastic storage baskets are just what you need for keeping your broom closet organised. Plus, each basket is a different bright colour – so they’re sure to jazz up your shelves!
This portable cleaning caddy
For keeping all your sprays, rags, and brushes together and organised, look no further than this fantastic cleaning caddy. Plus, it’s got a padded handle and detachable shoulder strap - so you can easily move it from room to room while you clean.
A step ladder for reaching high shelves
When it comes to maximising space, vertical storage is key! With this step ladder, you can choose a shelving unit that’s as tall as the ceiling, and will still be able to easily get to everything you need.
A handy collapsible bucket
Super versatile, this 10L collapsible cleaning bucket can be used for a variety of household activities – such as mopping, window cleaning, and even laundry. And when you’re finished, just collapse it, and easily store it on a shelf.
This canvas bag for storing bulbs
Made from 100% brushed cotton canvas, this large lightbulb organiser is perfect for keeping your light bulbs together and protected. And the unique design on the front means you’ll never forget where they are!
A helpful washing machine rack
Washing machine wasting valuable space in your utility closet? This two-tier washing machine storage rack is just what you need. The two shelves are ideal for stacking towels, and keeping detergent close by.
These nifty broom grippers
Totally renter-friendly, these self-adhesive broom grippers will keep brooms and mops off the floor – so you can always easily get to them.
These stackable see-through drawers
With this brilliant storage box with drawer, lids are no longer a problem! Even when stacked, you’ll always be able to see where your products are, and can access everything you need by simply pulling out the drawer.
This super simple board hanger
If space is really tight, keep things simple with this tidy-as-you-like ironing board hanger that couldn't be easier to wall mount – you can always get jazzier with your cover, right?
These expandable shelves
How much you are able to store in your cupboard will depend on its space and layout, but these expandable shelves will work to what you've got and are super easy to install And if you move, they can move with you!
This neat and shiny steel organiser
There's nothing like a tangle of cleaning equipment to make you want to do anything else but clean. Hang your mops, brushes and cloths on the wall with this handy steel organiser though and they'll be right where you need them. No excuses now.
A compact and collapsible laundry basket
Whether you use it for transferring clothes from the washing machine to the line, or stack up items that need ironing, laundry baskets are a bulky necessity for your closet. Easily dismantled, this collapsible laundry basket is great for saving space!
This subtle storage rack
This helpful four-tier over the door storage rack is great for smaller closets where adding a shelving unit isn’t possible. Made from chrome-plated steel, it’s definitely strong enough to hold all your cleaning supplies.
This slimline shoe cabinet
Nobody can fit all their pairs of shoes on just a simple hallway rack! So keep your other pairs in the closet – without taking up too much room – with this slimline shoe cabinet.
This wall mount for ironing equipment
Once you’ve attached this wall mounted ironing board holder to the wall, simply hook the board to the rack, and pop your iron in the basket. Perfect for keeping everything together!
This space-saving clothes airer
You'll have seen those wooden Victorian clothes airers that hang from the ceiling? They look pretty, but boy are they bulky. Well, this is the modern version and you won't believe how small it packs away once your clothes are done.
Some fabric bins for storing clothes
Got old clothes clogging up your cupboard, too? Pop anything you still want to hang onto in one of these compact clothes storage bins to keep them dust-free. And thanks to the clear window, you’ll always know what’s inside.
This trendy towel rack
Available in five stylish finishes, this wall-mounted towel rack will neatly hold up to six different sized towels. It’s also available in smaller formats if you’re extra tight on wall space. Oh, and it works for storing wine bottles, too. Bonus!
Even more Command hooks
We can't get enough of Command's brilliant no nails, no damage products and this two-pack of hooks can't get enough of your heavy duty items either. Each one holds up to 1.3kg of weight. Great for those broom cupboard essentials.
A simple shelving unit
If you’ve got a larger space to work with, then add a shelving unit like this so you can turn it into a full-blown supply closet. Store anything from towels and bedding, to cleaning supplies and personal care products.
This best-selling wonder broom
What's a broom cupboard without a broom? This multi-purpose rubber broom is top rated on Amazon and for good reason. It tackles everything from crumbs to spills to pet-hair and thanks to its telescopic handle, it all packs away into a tiny box to save on space.