Parents Are Sharing The Most Brutal Things Their Kids Have Said, Proving Children Don't Hold Back

'Your house smells of dog.'

Parents are sharing the brutal things they’ve heard their kids say and it’s proof children definitely put your ability to laugh at yourself to the test.

Mumsnet user Gwilt160981 said her seven-year-old is “very opinionated” and can tend to say the wrong things, especially in public.

“The other week she asks: ‘Why does next door have so many kids?’, and yesterday: ‘Don’t tell taxi man his car smells’,” the mum wrote on the forum.

“She’s been told about keeping opinions to herself.”

Mums and dads responded on the thread by sharing their own examples of the brutal things their kids have said.

"My child said: ‘Your house smells of dog’ to a friend of mine, who doesn’t have a dog,” one person wrote.

Another person wrote on the thread: “Here are just a few from the last two weeks: ‘I like all the lines on your face, it makes you look like the funny doggies.

‘Daddy, Glen’s boobies are bigger than mummy’s’, ‘I love how big and squishy your tummy is’ and ‘It’s ok that your house is always messy, you work with children. That’s what my daddy says.’”

One mum had very similar comments, writing: “My son is in a very ‘open’ phase at the moment; his recent comments have included: ‘Mummy, your tummy looks like bread’, ‘Daddy, you have a fat fluffy bottom’ and ‘Mummy, why is your nose bigger than Daddy’s?’”

In fact, the list was endless. Here are 10 of the most brutal things parents shared that their kids had said.

1. “I like you a bit. But I like my other aunt more. You’re boring.”

2. “Loudly in the busy swimming pool changing room: ‘Mummy you have a hairy bum!’”

3. “I don’t like cabbage, that lady is very pretty, but she smells like cabbage.”

4. “Me dressed in a ball gown: ‘Mummy! You look like Princess Fiona when she was an ogre.’”

5. “If you didn’t eat so much rubbish you wouldn’t be so fat.”

6. “Mummy has a big tummy because it has a baby in it. Your tummy is even bigger than mummy’s Grandma, big enough for five babies.”

7. “My daughter (seven) asked if she could have my dressing gown when I’m dead as it’s so snuggly.”

8. “Ooh, I like your swimming costume mum. You have a fat tummy.”

9. “Mummy, your tummy is all old. We need to go to the tummy shop and get you a new one.”

10. “Mummy, people look less pretty when they get older.”


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