04/05/2017 11:40 BST

Prince Philip Stepping Down From Public Duties Proves A Bit Of An Anticlimax For Some

Much ado about nothing? Here's some funny reactions to the news too.

The world’s media gathered at Buckingham Palace on Thursday as whispers of a ‘top secret emergency meeting’ sparked a flurry of speculation.

Social media users were whipped into a frenzy as rumours of the Queen or Prince Philip’s possible death spread like wildfire.

But, just after 10am, the Palace announced that the news was simply that the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 95, would no longer carry out public duties.

There had been several theories, some hilarious reactions and even some far-fetched explanations that we kind of wish were true.

But as it turned out, the announcement wasn’t as dramatic as some people had expected. 

In fact, some said the whole thing was a bit of an anticlimax.

Some summed up their feelings with Gifs.

Other people realised just how old the Queen’s hubby is.

Many were NOT impressed by the way Buckingham Palace went about announcing the news.

Anyway, surely it was a relief...

...That the news wasn’t worse.

There were plenty of hilarious reactions to the news too.

Including Brexit theories...

Others joked about Prince Philip having a job.

And there were plenty more ideas making people laugh out loud.

This one’s funny but bleak.

But this one *could* be true...

Now to Keep Calm and Carry On, eh?