Budget 2016: Jeremy Corbyn's Tie And Suit Combo Is Not Everything It Seems

Poor Jeremy.

Jeremy Corbyn seemingly smartened-up for his showdown with George Osborne today, appearing in the Chamber in a suit that got everybody talking.

After the prime minister told him to "put on a proper suit [and] do up your tie" earlier this year, Corbyn looked like he had taken heed by donning a navy blue suit, pressed white shirt and crimson red tie.

But all may not be as it seems.

His trousers, shielded from the usual camera-angles in the Commons, caused shock when people discovered they did not match the pristine blue jacket he wore for Budget Day.

Here they are, a little closer up.

Inevitable outrage erupted as soon as people noticed the pictures.

Corbyn seems to have smartened up from his last big speech, made to the Chamber of British Commerce, when he appeared wearing a tie but with his top button un-done.

One commentator noted he had the "look of the perennial school rebel who was accidentally made a prefect".