19 Budget-Friendly Buys That Could Help Save You Money In The Long Run

Try some of these smart hacks and tools if you're trying to cut costs around your home.
Handy products for cutting home and living costs
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Handy products for cutting home and living costs

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With living costs rising, we’re all looking for ways to cut our longterm spending and make day-to-day life more affordable. And sometimes making the right purchase now can really help you achieve this.

There are plenty of ways to save and manage your money more efficiently and here, we’ve rounded up a range of the best money-saving buys we know about.

This cost-cutting laundry egg
This laundry egg offers a budget-friendly alternative to buying laundry pods and can be refilled once the balls inside lost their cleaning power. It’s also designed to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
These bottle emptying tools
For making sure that you get the most out of your bottles – from beauty products to table sauces – these handy bottle stands are a great buy. They're easy-to-use and work like a dream.
This fabric shaving brush
For keeping clothes and furniture looking good for longer, this fabric shaving and anti-lint brush is a great tool. It seamlessly removes bobbles and snags, keeping your clothes going for longer.
This smart bulb starter kit
By swapping out your bulbs for these smart LED alternatives, you'll reduce your energy bills and take back control of your lighting. This starter kit is is compatible with Alexa.
These reusable food storage bags
Stop wasting money on single-use plastic bags and swap to using cost-cutting, reusable ones instead. These ziplock bags come in a range of sizes, are freezer-safe, and are easy to wash and maintain.
These natural wool dryer balls
Reduce how much energy you're using to dry your clothes with these all-natural wool dryer balls. They also soften fabric and help to reduce wrinkles.
These handy cable protectors
Smartphone and tablet chargers are notoriously expensive and yet tend to break all too easily. That's where these handy cable-protectors come in useful, helping to protect cables from fraying, twisting and ripping.
This useful tube squeezer
For squeezing every last drop out of your toothpaste, moisturiser, or hand gel and preventing waste, this tube squeezing tool is a godsend.
These food-saving storage jars
By storing fresh food properly, you reduce waste. These handy containers work to keep produce fresh for longer, saving you money in the process.
This energy saving timer plug
For reducing how much energy you're using (and wasting), this simple timer plug works wonderfully.
These reusable food wraps
This pack of three beeswax wraps are a great alternative to single-use cling film. They're versatile, easy to use, and simple to clean and care for.
This water-saving bags
Fit these clever bags in your cistern and they'll save two to three litres with ever flush.
These cosmetic spatulas
For ensuring you don't waste any of your favourite products, these cosmetic spatulas help you to reach into nearly empty jars and scoop out the last of the formula.
This low-cost, long-lasting descaling toilet blocks
These cruelty-free, vegan toilet flush blocks will keep your loo clean and limescale free for months – the long-lasting formula is biodegradable, natural and non-toxic.
These silicone baking mats
These non-slip, reusable baking mats are heat resistant, non-toxic, and super easy to clean. They're a great alternative to costly single-use baking paper.
This Hive smart plug
This easy-to-control smart plug makes managing your appliances simpler and easier. You can set up to six time slots a day using the Hive app, allowing you to choose when appliances are turned on and off.
This financial mapping tool
This 12-month goal setting budgeting planner is ideal for keeping track of your income and expenses, and ensuring you don’t overspend.
This budgeting planner
Keep your finances in check with this handy expense tracker budgeting journal. Note down your income and outgoings to make staying on track of what you’re spending a little easier to manage.
This smart thermostat
This one is more of a hefty investment but promises to reduce your energy usage in the long run. It actually learns from your energy habits and gets to know what temperature you'd like your home to be, too.