14/03/2016 10:07 GMT

Bull Invades Football Pitch Video Shows Animal Charging Players

This definitely deserved a red card.

For most parents, watching their kids fend off the occasional tackle during a Saturday kickabout is rarely cause for concern.

But when a raging bull charged the pitch of a juniors football game in Australia, panicked mums and dads were left looking on in horror, as the youngsters were forced to dive out of the way.

One parent managed to capture the moment the stallion stalked the pitch in Maryborough, Queensland on video, above.

Ryan Devenish/Facebook
One unlucky player found himself running the length of the pitch to avoid the bull.

Ryan Devenish uploaded the footage to Facebook and told ABC News he first noticed the bull when it began pacing at the side of the pitch.

He said: "It stared at me and actually had a charge at me for about 5 feet and then stopped and turned around and went back in the bush.

"It was going down the sidelines looking for an opening in the fence so it could get back through.

"I could see it was getting frustrated and I thought something is going to happen here.

"I started filming again and sure enough that's when it ran on the field and started chasing that poor young fellow."

Luckily no spectators or players were injured after the incident, and the bull returned to the bush unharmed.

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