Caitlin Moran Perfectly Illustrates Why Refugees Flee To Europe

They are acting with the universal desire to not die horribly or to live miserably...'

Caitlin Moran has recorded a scathing video response to refute the argument refugees in Europe are to blame for the Brussels terror attacks.

The columnist and author tells those who blame the tragedy on what she describes as "bleeding heart liberals letting terrorists pretending to be refugees into Europe," and debunks the reason why they are fleeing to the west.

"In the first instance they are saving their own lives and that of their families, obviously they are acting with the understandable and universal desire to not die horribly or to live miserably at shattered hospitals and schools, bombing raids and hungry," Moran hits out during the fiery video.

In the wake of the Belgian terror attacks the 40-year-old received abuse for Tweeting that the terrorists are the people that the refugees are running away from.

Continuing her tirade against the online trolls, Moran says: "The thing that the 1.1% of British and proud don't seem to understand is one question. 'What is a refugee?'

"'What is a refugee doing when they become a refugee, when they leave Afghanistan or Syria, both increasingly strongholds for ISIS, the people that we in the west currently regard as the biggest threat to global democracy and progress?

"They are preventing themselves from being weaponised in the future," Moran says, before continuing to asking: "How many of those who cannot leave Syria or Afghanistan, who are too terrified from the journey, who don't have the money to give to people smugglers, will be coerced into joining ISIS?"

"How many millions of trapped people - if we keep them there, trapped, will end up making ISIS more powerful? Fuelling its armies, serving its businesses, being raped and becoming pregnant by soldiers and sowing more misery in those already desperately riven countries than we can even begin to calculate."

Moran closed her statement by addressing the issue in one simple sentence: "The world would be a much more merciful and sane place if we saw refugees for who they are, people who refuse to stay around and be bitten by zombies and vampires."